Life is a Celebration!

We encourage you to CELEBRATE any season for any reason! Visit LIVE spaces and places; rich in tradition, deep rooted with culture, and provide LIVE entertainment.

In the right setting with the right crowd you can create wonder filled moment permitting yourself to release the stress by allowing the music to take you on a cool journey, guided by you, navigated by the artists as the play, sing, and perform for you! Music is a diversion that embraces your soul so you can let it go even just for a little while.





  • Grab a paint brush and enjoy Paint Nights
  • Visit an Attraction
  • Pursue LIVE Performances


  • Be amused by Cabaret
  • Enjoy LIVE Theater
  • Go out to listen to a DJ and just dance


  • Take Ballroom dancing
  • Gather at a Festival


  • Appreciate the Arts
  • Seek out LIVE performances