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BEST CREATIVE SPIRITUAL SHOP Avalon Visions has transformed, not only have we changed our location, but we have also changed our focus. We are now: Avalon Visions Center for Creative Spirituality Their charming vintage building includes an array of creative space to parous and they have great parking!  Local owners Thomas and Gwen Zia opened this wonder-filled, vibrant shop originally in Capitola Village. Avalon Visions place patrons were able to experience the healing energies that Avalon Visions is known for. Their annexed housed local readers and healers, and capturing ones aura on camera along with Classes and workshops.

Now in Soquel Village a quant historical town that’s just blocks away from their original location. Avalon Visions is the place where the veils are thin between the worlds, and where the mysteries are studied, explored and experienced. Avalon Visions Center for Creative Spirituality has grown bringing forth ancient arts that once flourished and receded into the mists, or out of our consciousness. Avalon Visions is a place where new visions are dreamed and reality is bordered only by the limits of imagination. In addition to spiritually oriented merchandise they offer Private Readings, and Healings, Special Guest Speakers, Classes, and So Much More!

Avalon Visions a place to enjoy your journey into mystical worlds of creative spirituality space! Avalon Visions is an experience of the magical…

  • Wander amongst the handpicked selection of books
  • Card racks full of artist images to choose from
  • Feast on our Exquisite Jewelry Collection, cases full of symbolic jewelry, jewelry with beautiful stones and some pieces just for fun
  • Featuring local artists


Enjoy shopping LIVE at Avalon Visions on-line.   

Avalon Visions Center for Creative Spirituality is located at 2815 Porter St. in Soquel Village, One mile from Capitola Village by the Sea.