Life is a Celebration!

In the right setting with the right crowd you can create wonder filled moments that permit yourself to release the stress all by gathering with your favorite sidekicks to CELEBRATE with a Micro Beach Event or allow LIVE music to take you on a journey guided by you navigated by artists locally and beyond. Music is a beautiful diversion that embraces your soul so you can just let go. So Grab you favorite sidekicks enjoy LIVE steaming videos below that give you GOOD vibes.  Celebrate life with memorable moments that last a lifetime!

Beachside Gatherings

Listen to LIVE Music at The View with panoramic views of Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay. Enjoy popular local artists, great food, and craft cocktails nightly.








  • Grab a paint brush and enjoy Paint Nights
  • Visit an Attraction
  • Pursue LIVE Performances


  • Be amused by Cabaret
  • Enjoy LIVE Theater
  • Go out to listen to a DJ and just dance


  • Take Ballroom dancing
  • Gather at a Festival


  • Appreciate the Arts
  • Seek out LIVE performances