Get Creative and have fun at home!


Santa Cruz Sidekicks believe kids have a lot to say and that we all can learn and grow from the wisdom of our youth. Here in Santa Cruz we honor them because we believe Old School is New School! Sign up now and be part of the GROM SQUAD it’s a COOL CLUB that give the grommet’s the power to receive a discount at the featured establishments.

As a GROM SQUAD member you get access to discounts for you and your family via virtual card that you get to show off when you decide to visit the cool places featured at Plus you’ll get access to a FREE coloring page just print it out or ask for it when waiting to eat or shop. Also you can read up on the “Fun Facts” section under the MORE tab and test your parent’s knowledge.

Check out the two COOL GROMS spotted coloring our logo; they shared a little bit of their vacation journey too so we gave them a pair of Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk passes just for being so COOL! Check out the baby in the back ground of the sidekicks even he thinks we’re COOL.



Capture your Santa Cruz Sidekick “local style” experience and email your photo/s to us at and you will be entered to win local giveaways and prizes. Please note by submitting your photo/s you and your parents here by release them to SCS allowing SCS to use for possible promotional material for this website and other media platforms.