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Some of the BEST relief for your favorite furry sidekicks can be found in Hempshire Playground CBD oil cultivated in a family owned locally grown farm along the Central Coast of California where quality select strains of high density CBD hemp flourish in optimum greenhouse conditions Hempshire Playground proudly serves the entire state of California as they are centrally located along the Golden Coast located in  Santa Cruz County just south of San Francisco where the sea meets the trees. Allow CBD to soothe you and your pets naturally.

Seek relief and remedy the natural way for your furry sidekicks with Hempshire Playground a proud locally owned and locally grown known as “HP” a uniquely cultivated small farm that only grows a select strain of high CBD hemp with TLC all in an optimum greenhouse environment. HP soul’s goal and mission is to provide top quality full-spectrum CBD to all at a fair valued price. Its HP desire that customer care be #1 as to fully enjoy and truly benefit from CBD oil as it is globally increasing in popularity as the benefits are a natural approach to that which ale’s them as they age or after an injury. Relief is found in CBD as it directly deflects pain in so many ways for both humans and our furry sidekicks. Together we can deter the pain in a natural organic way easing the pain from injury, age elements such as arthritis, joint discomfort and CBD especially powerful in taming aliments caused by anxiety, stress, fear and more.

Hempshire Playground CBD Oil is made from 100% MCT oil and organically grown locally like a fine wine hence its nickname “Cherry Wine” hemp flower.

Santa Cruz’s very own Hempshire Playground consists of small farm grown uniquely select quality strains of high density CBD hemp cultivated with extreme care in the most optimum greenhouse conditions in order to provide top quality full-spectrum CBD to all across the California landscape direct from farm to home all at a fair price as there company’s desire is to send RELIEF to our customers who can benefit from our CBD oil.

CBD Oil is has been found to improve the conditions associated with pain as it is an organic remedy for both humans and their furry sidekicks. HP products are only for sale in California honoring the state we live in they offer 

Fast and Free shipping to anywhere in California. To expedite your order please contact them directly (408) 205-3268 or email jfinsand@gmail.com  Please allow 2-5 business days for delivery.