BEST Psychic Sound Healer ~ Uplifting Humanity One Soul at a Time! Michele’s clairvoyant, spirit-guided reading of auras, accessing akashic records is inspiring & healing:

  • Transforming relationships, emotions, finances, health
  • Learning about past lives
  • Meeting spirit guides & angels
  • Connecting with ancestors
  • Receiving psychic development mentoring
  • Creating your Business Vision / Strategies

Immerse your whole being in healing alchemical crystal bowl sound resonance and Michele’s Angelic Voice. This experience radiates Vibrational Frequencies that reverberate through your entire body, cells, and your soul.

To learn more about private sessions please call 831-247-1489 or email Michele@LoveVibe.US  Sessions available by Phone, Skype or In-Person

As a psychic sound healer, Michele integrates her spiritual direction training and Deep Listening with voice, crystal bowls, sound play games, and a non-judgmental, safe place for people to express their deepest soul sense utilizing music as the diving board. She has years of experience working with people in cancer clinics as complementary medicine, leads groups & workshops in many venues, and has private clients. She assists with other life-threatening and chronic conditions. She now uses her process with healthy people, and they love it!  Michele also works with kids privately and in schools to help them with their anxiety, stress and fears.

Michele a singer-songwriter who has been a jazz singer, actress, school teacher, directed children’s theater & musical productions, cantorial leader, studies & teaches Kabbalah. Michele and her husband, Eliahu (A Priest of Isis and Magdalene Knight) lead a play shop entitled “Integration of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine within Your Own Soul.”