BEST STORY TELLING THAT TAKES RISKS TO REAP REWARDS is local Author Nikki Lewen who creates a story-line like none other as she takes you on a journey with character Sadie Larkin—a warrior of injustice. As a Solitude Survivor she ebbs and flows through local terrain to escape global catastrophe and violent chaos. Brave Sadie choses the safety of her childhood home in the old-growth forest in the mountains by the sea known as Santa Cruz, CA.

Authors books are available via Kindle and Paperbacks.

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FIVE STAR Award winning author Nikki Lewen is always on the lookout for the next adventure. Each experience inspires her spirit to expand her readers’ minds’ eye. Dive into her fictional trilogy and follow the journey of Sadie Larkin as she learns the horrible truth of the “Splitter Nation” and reminds us all to… listen to our instincts! Be sure to expand your imagination and stir your senses in a Tale of Survival by allowing your spirit to Return as it is Destined.

Nikki Lewen resides in Northern California along the Pacific Coast where she lives among the redwood trees with her husband. Before settling in California, she crisscrossed the country, traveling and living full-time in an RV to explore the natural beauty of open spaces and surf the many beaches and breaks along the East, West, and Gulf Coasts of the USA. Nikki Lewen is a Readers’ Favorite 5 Stars Award winning author and was featured at the National John Steinbeck Center, and she is always on the lookout for the next adventure.

Shop Local. Buy Local. Read Local. You can purchase The Three Sisters Trilogy at Kelly’s Books in Watsonville, Two Birds Books on 41st in Capitola, and Bookshop Santa Cruz.

To get in touch and discover more about this author’s writing or to schedule a reading, interview, book club event, appearance, blog, podcast, etc. PLEASE CONTACT NIKKI DIRECTLY as Author lives to create she lives and travels often to destinations with limited or no internet access. Please be patience, eventually you will get a reply by e-mailing her at:  and