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BEST CHIROPRATOR & CERTIFIED SPORTS PRACTITIONER Dr. JANET ZEFF HeART of Healing Chiropractic Helps You Stay Healthy and offers patients a complete health care and wellness alternative which includes much more than traditional chiropractic adjustments.  Dr. Janet Zeff utilizes many different chiropractic techniques as well as a variety of physical therapy modalities such as ultrasound, cold laser, and electrical stimulation. She is well trained in soft tissue techniques such as trigger point and myofascial release therapy. Other specialties include clinical nutrition, natural herbal and homeopathic medicines, sports medicine and rehabilitation, stress reduction, decision and life coaching and much more. Dr. Jan has had great success with alleviating every type of back and neck pain, TMJ, headaches, rotator cuff and extremity pain as well as sciatica. She has extensive expertise in pregnancy related problems and women’s health, as well as stress and anxiety related conditions. She has helped patients to recover from automobile and work related injuries for over 26 years.

Dr Jan’s fee structure is very reasonable and she takes as much time as necessary with each patient in order to help restore optimal health and function. Located on the Westside of Santa Cruz at 930 Mission St., Suite #2 Hours: Tues. Wed. Friday and Sat. 9:30am -3:00pm By special appointment only on Monday and Thursday CLOSED Sunday. Dr. Janet Zeff also has a Colorado Office in Boulder at 2760 29th St Suite# 2B Call to schedule appointments @ 831-566-8802.