A happy, loving sex life helps build your immune system, lowers your blood pressure, counts towards exercise, improves sleep and reduces stress.  Ahhhhhhh!!!

Sometimes we disagree about things… 


BUT the best part of all is after the heated discussion is done is “the make up part!”

We suggest that you put your QUEEN first! It’s simple and you’ll get a nice Return on your Investment.

Remember a happy woman makes for a GOOD man and a happy family life.  Let her relax a bit, it will help you stay anchored.


Keep the spark alive by protecting LOVE, it’s worth it !


We all love jesters from the heart; it’s important to find JOY in everything big and small…be clever get creative with DIY ideas that are sure to stir up the romance.

  • Picnics at the beach or park
  • Breakfast, lunch, or dinner in bed
  • Create something special and “say it” in the sand
  • BBQ anytime with a Bonfire at the beach
  • Hike it out sometimes it’s the best way “to talk” things out
  • Sit back and gaze up at the stars and breathe in the grandeur

Remember Honey Do’s are some of the BEST  ways to Improve a Home!

Don’t wait until $%@* goes wrong!