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One of the BEST ocean photographers is Sean Davey, who is located in the 808 state of Hawaii. Now you can enjoy his photography works of art by just visiting his virtual gallery, so no matter where you are, you can enjoy some of the best destinations favored by us all, locally and beyond.

Sean is known worldwide with over 140 magazine covers and is now making his work available to you, as he continues to capture the majestic sea and all that play in the Ocean, all caught in Real Time; not an easy task at all, as conditions need to be just right to seize the moment.

Check out Sean Davey’s Virtual Studio and order you favorite photograph. Custom printed directly by Sean himself in his studio; to your special specifications, large or small and  in multiple dominions. Black and white or full spectrum color, you can now order for home, office or digital advertorial marketing. Sean’s art is the highest quality. His photography canvas and prints are true to museum standards. Now his famous art photography can be displayed right in your own home, in any room, special sacred space, for the office or large work space.

We all love to stare and gaze at photos of wave’s, big or small and favored destinations visited or dream to yet explore. Sean Davey has decades of experience capturing favorite surf spots, surf pros, waves and more; Sean’s timing has been impeccable capturing perfect surf maneuvers, death drops, or barrel shots. Sean Davey is the actual man on the other side of that picture; a brave cameraman who’s sacrificed time, safety, and sometimes sanity all in pursuit of that perfect photo you’re adoring, admiring and surfing in our minds.

Sean’s relentless pursuit of spectacular lighting conditions and his approach to shooting techniques is largely what sets Sean’s work apart from the pack and is why his imagery has been in such high demand by magazine publishers worldwide. Sean is a living legend and if you’ve ever opened a surf magazine or advertisement you’ve probably seen his work.


Now you can connect with this pioneer of the surf film industry by visiting Sean directly near or far via his on-line “Virtual Art Gallery.”

Lucky for us Sean Davey is extending Aloha as he endorses an “Epson Surecolor” printer which allows him to create exceptional prints and canvas for your home, office or any space you deem worthy. 


Sean started taking pictures at 15 years old in 1977 at a small city beach town called Bronte Beach in Sydney, AU. Sean was stoked right from the first frame he ever shot, and he just kept growing from that point on. First, his surf photos were published by Surfing Magazine back in the late 80’s then Australia Surfing Life, onto many Surfing opportunities allowing for over 140 Magazine covers.

Sean’s affinity for the beach is natural as he gravitates towards the pure Ocean scene and essence of the Sea. Sean’s perfected his passions and now he shares his many photographed journeys with us.


The sea more than anything as it’s always changing the shorelines; no day is the same.

Some things wash away while others just arrive. Every moment in time moves similar to waves of the Oceans, when you think about it.   No matter where you gravitate towards in the Pacific,  whether it’s  New Zealand, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Tahiti, Cook Islands, or Hawaii,  Sean’s art photography is amongst the best available,  locally and beyond.

From coffee table to any wall space, you can create the view you want with Sean’s Canvas. 

Visit Sean Davey’s Virtual Art Studio and Gallery at to view his Ocean Photography Art. Just use the pull down menus to see imagery, send an email directly to Sean at and he will be able to deal with you one on one from that point on.


Take a peek of Sean’s Story where he captures decades of sought after surf and ocean destinations


Please contact Sean Davey directly at

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