Life is full of real responsibilities. They say that “retail therapy” is some of the BEST ways to “release stress” while enjoying real connections with real people, places, and things.

We encourage you to enjoy the shopping experience as you stimulate all of your “5 senses.”  Browse, touch, feel, smell, see and hear what you are seeking. By using all of our senses it reminds us of being alive. We invite you to support our local retailers by shopping local to helps sustain our commUNITY and it’s local economy as most businesses are still family owned and operated.

Be safe this holiday season of 2020 remember to grant yourself permission to enjoy the people, places and things that truly matter most!










  • Brides to be “fantasy to simplistic”
  • Flower shops


  • Men’s wear


  • Sexy to Sassy
  • Trendy accessories



  • Vintage to Retro
  • Sidewalk sales


  • Local “must have” wear
  • Kids favored spots

Escape the daily grind; treat yourself to some “me time” or grab your “favorite sidekick” get out, SHOP and unwind.


  • Remember to keep the romance alive and be sexy from time to time.
  • Treat yourself or loved one to flowers often.
  • Like you, seek out a unique outfit that really represents you.
  • Find that something special for that perfect moment.