BEST RELIEF MADE LOCALLY is the Za*Zen Recovery Heating Pad & Cooling Pad. This is a MUST HAVE for everyone, for all households, and offices. The Za*Zen Recovery Heating Pad & Cooling Pad is found at Made In Santa Cruz a store nestled just around the bend at 57 Municipal Wharf on the Santa Cruz Wharf.

The Za*Zen Recovery Heating Pad & Cooling Pad is a large and flexible natural microwavable rice heating pad that helps to reduce muscle and joint pain, neck, back and shoulder pain, chronic pain, soothe sore muscles, calm anxiety and nerves, lessen inflammation and swelling, warm you when chilled and cool you when hot. 14”x20” with a flexible design they can easily drape, contour and wrap around your body to provide hot or cold therapy to all areas of your body including head, neck, shoulder, back, knees, wrists, ankles, and legs. It’s so easy just put into a clean microwave HEAT for 1-3 minutes depending on your microwave strength or CHILL it in a freezer sealed Ziploc bag for old relief.

Recovery Heating Pad warms you up in the most comforting way. It’s perfect for releasing tension from tight muscles and joints; relaxing sore shoulders and hips; recovering from surgery; relieving stress; or simply making you warm and cozy. Heat the Recovery Heating Pad and put it on your body. Feel the deep heat warm you as stiff joints and sore muscles melt into Ooohs and Ahhhs.

Recovery Cooling Pad cools and soothes aches and pains while easing inflammation, swelling, arthritis, tendonitis, wrist pain, heat exhaustion, hot flashes, injuries, and even helps with recovery after surgery. Just seal the pillow in a freezer sealed Ziploc bag and store in the freezer for a few hours – overnight. Remove it from the plastic bag and put it on your body; right where it hurts and stays cold for 30+ minutes.

Experience true relief as swelling, inflammation, fever and hot flashes are soothed into submission. The aromatherapy of Lavender is known to be calming and comforting, and to relieve stress, headache, and migraine. The Recovery Pad also doubles as a weighted pillow signaling the brain to release serotonin, which naturally calms and relaxes the body, promoting sound sleep, stress and anxiety relief. Made locally with California-grown whole grain rice, local lavender from Bonny Doon Farm, and 100% cotton quilting fabric by Robert Kaufman from Los Angeles, California. Also available in unscented. 100% Recyclable! Eco*Flex The Ultimate Eco-friendly Product and it’s 100% USA Made! The Recovery Pillow is made right here in California. We are helping to bring manufacturing back to the USA by creating home-based jobs here in Santa Cruz County. Your support is much appreciated; we look forward to helping you soothe your being enabling relaxation.


Do you have a recovery Pillow?

Well you REALLY need to get one!

Freeze it!  Heat it!

Over 62,000 Sold and Over 800 given to our Veterans.

Found exclusively at Made In Santa Cruz located at 57 Municipal Wharf on the Santa Cruz Wharf Made In Santa Cruz is open daily 7 days a week. Open daily at 9:00 am. Any questions please call them directly at 831-426-2257 or contact via email: